Some systems are experiencing issues
PHP websites reporting '500 Internal Server Error'

If your PHP website is reporting an Internal Server Error all of a sudden, this might be related to the switch from PHP 7.4 to 8.0. Check if your site works again if you switch back to PHP 7.4 and then try updating your PHP software to a version that supports PHP 8. Don't hesitate to contact if this doesn't help.

PHP 7.4 will be available on our servers until end of February.

Past Incidents

25th January 2023 MySQL/MariaDB Update

We are currently upgrading MySQL/MariaDB. The database as well as the mysql-binary is unavailable for a couple of minutes during the update.

4th January 2023 Performance Issues on

We are currently having performance issues on because of a long running maintenance process.

  • The process has finished on 05.01.2023 2pm

  • 2nd January 2023 System crashed

    The host crashed and is in the process of rebooting right now.

  • Recovery is done, system is up and running.